Although it might be tempting to include a photo you found online on your website this may not be advisable.

You CAN use:

  • Photos of your Practice, doctors etc. that you took or had taken on your behalf (see the section on the use of patient photos below).

  • Photos from the EyeCarePro stock image library (easily accessible from the admin tools you use to edit your website - watch a how to video now).

  • Vendor images such as frame, lens and equipment shots are often ok because you are promoting the vendor. However, when in doubt, ask!

  • Stock/professional images that you have paid for!  These images from vendors such as and are often as low as $5/image, so please pay for what you use.

  • "Copyright free" images. These are "free" images. In most cases you must give credit to the photographer. The rules for the credit needed can be quite tricky. These sites often mingle paid images in with the free so beware when surfing & selecting!

You CAN'T use:

  • Photos from stock image companies that you haven't purchased (even if they don't have a watermark).

  • Photos from sources or websites other than the ones listed above. Unless you have permission (and quote and link the source of the image) don't use the image.