It is important to include photos of the doctors and staff that your patients may encounter. These "head shots" will be used on the Doctor and Staff profile pages.

When setting up or taking these photos of your team keep in mind:

  • Doctor photos are typically shot individually. Staff photos are sometimes in a group and sometimes individual depending on the size of the Practice and it's needs.

  • Usually individual photos are vertically oriented and group photos are horizontal (although this is just a rule of thumb).

  • Determine how much of the person you wish to include in the shot and stay consistent from person to person. If you are shooting head and shoulders for one person, don't do a close up of the face for the next person.

  • Keep backgrounds and style of attire consistent if possible.

  • Have subjects stand rather than sit for the photo and turn their body on a slight angle for a more pleasing composition.

Pacific Eye Doctors of Maple Ridge presented their staff members in a creative and effective manner by grouping them into teams while still showing a head shot of each individual. Take a look.