How do I choose a good Domain Name?

It is important to choose a good domain name. One that is:

  • easy to type/remember

  • good for Search Engines (helps you get better rankings in the searches)

  • representative of your Practice

  • not too long or complex

Officially a domain name can have up to 59 characters, however, generally speaking it is advisable to keep the name as short and clear as possible. Domain names can only use letters, numbers and hyphens "-". Spaces, punctuation marks and other symbols are not allowed. A domain name can not begin or end with a hyphen. The most effective domain names are those that merge a key location or geographic area and an optometric term. For example: or Getting the Practice or Doctor name in there is also helpful, particularly if they are recognized in the industry. For example: or

How do I register a Domain Name?

If you don't have a domain name for your Practice you can easily and inexpensively register one at an Independent Registrar. It may take a few tries before you find one that is available that meets your needs. Every Independent Registrar and Hosting company on the Internet provide domain lookup tools. Once you do the lookup, they will then try to sell you that domain if it is available. Therefore it is wise to do your lookup through an Independent Registrar you are comfortable with so that if the domain is available you can proceed directly to the purchase phase without worry.

Once you have chosen your domain name and ensured it's availability register it for the longest possible time frame. Annual costs for domain registration are low (typically $20/year or less), so it is best to protect your domain and the longer you register for the better your search engine rankings will become. To register choose an Independent Registrar, select the domain and email accounts you would like and follow their steps.

Once you have registered your domain always ensure you have automatic renewal enabled. You do not want to lose that key link to your business!