Insurances and Frame lines are updated through GSP, there are a few ways to get there.

Option 1 - Through GetSetPro:

  • Log into your GetSetPro account

  • Click on either the Frames or Insurance icon, depending on which you are updating

Option 2 - Through WordPress:

  •  Hover over GetSetPro in the black menu across the top of the page - choose “Insurances” or “Designer Frames”, depending on which you are updating


  • Click the Garbage Can icon on the right side of the page that corresponds with the frame/insurance to be removed


  • On the Insurance Or Frames page - Click the Blue “Add_____” button in the top right corner

  • A pop-up will appear with all of the available insurances or frame lines available in our media library. Start typing the frame/insurance to be added in the search box

  • Click the + icon next to the frame/insurance to add it to the website

  • Once done changes will save automatically

  •  If you try to find a particular insurance or frame brand but it does not appear as an option, that means it doesn’t exist yet in the media library. Click Request a Designer Frame/Request an Insurance to send a request to our team to have it added