GetSetPro Connections

To set up your account with GetSetPro, login here:

Add your email into the “Get a One Time Login Link” field and then check your email.

Connect GetSetPro to Facebook and Instagram:

When you connect the app to your Facebook Business page, you will be directed to login with your personal profile. The profile that is an admin on the page. This does not give GetSetPro access to your personal Facebook account, it only grants us permission to post on your Facebook business page. 

If your Facebook business account is already connected to your Instagram business account, GREAT NEWS, you will also be able to connect Instagram!! The process is the same. You will be shown the option to connect Instagram also, IF your accounts are connected.

Connect your accounts to take full advantage of this service!! 

Connect GetSetPro to your Google Business Profile. 

Go to Settings in the Menu and from Settings select 

You will be redirected to make the connections.