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Ring Call Diagnosis Guide

Ring data provides great insights to the practice. 

Knowing a practice has a new staff, a disconnected VM, closed office, etc.

Benefits of Ring

RING Ai can help you add 30 appts (x $300 = $4,500) a month from existing marketing.

  • Improve your conversion rate (+10 patients per month)

  • Reduce service issues, get happier patients referring family and friends (+10 patients per month)

  • Reduce miss calls and call them back (+10 patients per month)

Check 5 Key Performance Indicators

Only for the past 7 days.  Very topical, but might miss important information if you are only reviewing monthly. 

1 - Number of calls

Should be > 150 per week.

On Dashboard check the “All Calls” monthly chart to see if there was a longer than normal “plateau” of calls.

If low, then:

  • If calls are still “flat”, check that the tracking number is still on the GMB, Website, and Apple Maps

  • If calls were flat for 3-7 days, they likely closed the office for a vacation. 

  • Is practice is in hard to see / low traffic location and needs more marketing to gain online visibility

  • Is practice in a high foot traffic location (like walmart) where most of the business is from foot traffic

  • Is there high competition?

  • Check SEO, etc 

2 - Appt Calls %

Should be > 35%.  If low, then check:

  • Check missed calls heat map, are there times where phone is not being answered 

  • Is practice doing marketing to drive new customers

  • Does the practice have a working recall and reminder system

3 - Conversion Rate

Should be > 70%.  If low, then check:

  • Check the not booked heat map, is an untrained operator handling lunchtime calls, or 1 day a week when a regular person is off?

  • Keyword list, what are main reasons for not booked?

  • New/untrained staff answering phones?

  • Is there an availability issue?

  • Is there an insurance problem?

  • Are there high cancellation rates?

4 - Service Calls

Should be < 50%.  If high, then check:

  • Keyword list, what are the main reasons?

  • Is there a supply chain issue with getting glasses ready on time

  • Are there high reschedule rates?

Frustrated clients don’t refer to family & friends.

5 - Missed Calls

Should be < 15%.  If high, then check:

  • Check the heatmap, are there times when the phone is not being answered

  • Is there a long IVR or Voicemail resulting in more hangups

~10% of missed calls are likely appt bookings.  Critical to call them back.